A native of Colorado, Shawndell Oliver wants her viewers to experience the roots of the classic west while living in the present. Shawndell unites her artistic talents with her love of nature and life in the west. She interweaves her knowledge of oils, acrylics, and three dimensional textures to convey the emotional power of each image she works with. Working the canvas with a bold palette, her simple designs and their unmistakable wild side tell the tale of a disappearing culture and western heritage.


The vivid colors and large canvases use multiple levels of media and, interestingly, include real bits of nature into each piece. You might find horse hair, or grasses adding to their texture and depth. As you admire one of Shawndell’s canvases, you’ll notice how her placement of the subjects, their movement, attitude and freedom are what hold your attention so brilliantly.


Her love of creating, and sharing her talent with others, competes with her source of inspiration; her horse Cash. Time spent on horseback, feeling the power and spirit of the horse, along with the peace and kinship she feels with Cash is Shawndell’s strongest source of inspiration and vision.
As you can see, she drives that power into each of her pieces.