The paintings of Maya Eventov are so rich with color, light and detail that they reflect not only an extraordinary draftsmanship but also a sense of artistic wellbeing and happiness. In the hands of this artist, interiors and still life become extra-ordinary. The chairs, flowers, harps and roman pillars, that have been interpreted by generations of artists take on personas that could be sophisticated and rich, whimsical and fun, having their own independent life within the painting.


Maya began her training as a child in art schools of Leningrad, where she learned painting, drawing and composition. After attending the Leningrad High College of Art & Design named after V. Muhina, Maya worked in the field of children's book illustration, and wallpaper design. She also took part in the creation of the murals for cinema and concert halls in Leningrad, Moscow, Erevan and Komsomoisk-na-Amure, as well as in many private residences in Toronto and Dundas, Ontario. She works in watercolors and oils, using her own unique technique that combines oil painting and etching. Maya's watercolors and oils were published in Valencia, Spain and were introduced as prints for the first time in Europe at Birmingham Art Show 98, Great Britain.