A contemporary Pop Artist with direct succession from Andy Warhol, DeVon emerged into the spotlight. Through collaboration and mentoring with the late Steve Kaufman, former art assistant to Andy Warhol, DeVon traces his artist lineage directly back to the father of American Pop Art, and carries the torch into the twenty-first century. DeVon immerses his audience into one of the most popular, expansive, and culturally permeating movements in our lifetime. Chances are that DeVon’s work has touched on one of your hero’s, vividly exploring the world of pop culture, comics, TV, movies, rock-and-roll, and the who’s who of cool.
As his predecessors Andy Warhol, Lichtenstein, and others successfully elevated the so called “low art” of comics, and every day consumer society, into “high art”, DeVon makes parodies of the same appropriated content, elevating the same images into even higher “other worldly” realms, Gods and Goddesses, and iconic secular saints. He offers a witty view of modern society, filled with a strong sense of optimism. The finished pieces tell an emotional story, our favorite story, the story of the hero’s journey, which after all, is our own journey.